FlexEdge_onEnd_thumb4Don’t let the polished exterior of the FlexEdge fool you. Beneath lurks raw genius design.
The guys at Full Circle International are known to be over-the-top when it comes to intuitive tools for our trade and the FlexEdge Multi-Layered Sanding Tool is no exception. I would have been happy if these guys designed a pole sander that simply had hook & loop but that’s not how these guys think, they don’t stop there. The FlexEdge sander was clearly designed to eliminate all the shortcomings of traditional pole sanders with additional benefits.

There’s an unwritten rule that states, “To be considered a professional painter, you must tweak every aspect of your craft.” That means not only choosing the right combination of product, equipment and tools but also tailoring your systems to perform the way you want them to, not the other way around. After all, you built your business off the successful steps you made no matter how big or small, so why should you stop there.

Designed to compliment the Radius 360º, the FlexEdge system handles a variety of sanding challenges with everything you need to take on corners, tight angles, outlets, bumps, and more.

Features: Aluminum Head, 2 Abrasive Pad Options, Hook & Loop Pad Design, Pressure Pad, 1/4” Foam Pad, Flex Paper, Flex Foam and a No Flip Design. Are you serious? What else can you ask for?

Benefits: What I liked besides the effectiveness and versatility of the multi-layered FlexEdge System is the optional FX4 Lightweight Pole. Weighing only a mere 13.1 oz., this lightweight rigid 1¼” diameter pole coupled with the FlexEdge head provides a lightweight solution to reduce sanding fatigue. The FX4 has a nice comfortable rubber hand grip, you’ll like rolling walls with it too. You can really move fast with this system. I insist you head over to Full Circle International and watch some videos of the complete sanding system and see how it can benefit your productivity in more ways than you can imagine.



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