"I don't know this guy, but he truly makes sanding a art; he sent just the video but by his movements I suspect he was listening to Audio Slave, so we dubbed in Tom Morellos guitar solo."

Kent Annis, President, Full Circle International

"I’ve been in the drywall industry for 28 years and the Flex Edge sander is by far the best sanding pole I have ever used. I love the versatility with the different pads. The Flex Edge gets in the corner so well that the touch up time is drastically reduced, plus it works great for smooth ceilings and traditional wall sanding. It really is a no flip tool. The Flex Edge truly is a great product!"

Ken Draeger, MCI Paint & Drywall

"Congratulations, you've done it again! The Flex Edge cuts fast. Left my corners smooth without additional hand sanding. The best part is that is doesn't flip over - even when sanding over my head! Talk about fast, cut my sanding time by a third! I have to hang on tight to my Radius 360° and the new Flex Edge. Every contractor I work with agrees, they're the best sanding tools out there. Keep those great products coming and thanks for making one of my least favorite tasks easier!"

John Adkins, Renew Homes Olathe, KS

"There is no tool comparable for sanding a level 5 finish. I have 40 to 50 students who come through the training program each month and they all like (the Radius 360°). I have been a finisher for 40 years and this is the best new tool I have used in 20 years."

Pedro Alcala, Painters and Allied Trades Apprentice Trainer San Francisco, CA