The FlexEdge system



Designed to complement the Radius 360°, the FlexEdge system handles a variety of sanding challenges with everything you need to take on corners, tight angles, outlets, bumps, and more. Swap out the abrasives on your FlexEdge for the right tool for any job – the FlexEdge leaves a perfect finish every time!  WATCH VIDEO >


  • Combine the finish quality of a hand-held sanding sponge with the productivity of pole sanding
  • Use our flex foam abrasive pad for more rugged sanding environments when paper might cause tearing and scuffing (outlets, bumps, nails)


  • Use for ultra-fine finishing
  • Provides complete wall contact at all times for great overall sanding
  • Durable aluminum oxide abrasive paper comes at an economical price
  • Unique low-profile, hook-and-loop attachment eliminates paper slack and movement so abrasive lasts longer


Pressure Pad

The patent pending design is our secret weapon! Added core pressure eliminates bumps and prevents binding and stuttering to ensure a faster, higher quality finish.

Discover the Pressure Pad difference.

Our patented EPDM rubber Pressure Pad is designed for maximum efficiency and an impeccable surface finish. The unique design adds extra pressure to higher areas and imperfections, eliminating them with ease and absorbing bumps to prevent stuttering or binding. Features:

  • Hook-and-loop attachment for easy replacement and a strong bond. Replace the rubber, not the tool!
  • 20° angled edges protect adjacent surfaces and give added structure to cut straight lines in corners. Finish corners perfectly with no damage to any surface.

1/4" Foam Pad

For use with our economical Flex Paper, this pad helps the paper hug the wall for a flawless finish.

Foam Replacement Pad

A better return on your abrasive investment.

Designed for use with our Flex Paper, this foam pad forms perfectly to your work surface, and may be used in open areas or corners.

  • Helps Flex Paper hug the wall for a seamless finish.
  • Low-profile hook-and-loop attachment system prevents collection of debris behind sandpaper sheet.
  • Durable, easy-to-use aluminum oxide abrasive with unique functional enhancements that enhance resiliency.

Flex Paper

A durable, economical abrasive for fine finishes at an excellent.

Flex Paper 150 Grit Abrasive

A fine finish, at a fine price!

Our Flex Paper was designed to resist curling and last longer for the best possible value and a consistently fine finish! Must be used with the Flex Foam Replacement Pad.

  • Use in open areas or corners.
  • Long-lasting and economical.
  • Resists curling in humid weather.
  • Comes in 100, 150 and 220 grit.

Flex Foam

For use with our economical Flex Paper, this pad helps the paper hug the wall for a flawless finish.

Flex Foam 1/4” Abrasive Foam Pad

Handles bumps, outlets, even nails!

This rugged, resilient foam abrasive was designed for surfaces that frequently damage sandpaper, causing unwanted scuffing. The durable foam glides over outlets, bumps, even nails, with ease – and unlike paper, a flaw in its surface will not scratch or cause a mark. Wash and re-use multiple times. A great value!

  • Long lasting, easy-to-use, with washable aluminum oxide grit for a consistently high-quality finish.
  • Delivers higher quality than sheet sandpaper with no bridging of low areas. Will not scratch when properly used!
  • Cover entire corners without extra sanding with an abrasive that cuts faster and lasts longer for a better return on your abrasive investment.
  • High resiliency allows you to sand over outlets with no snagging or damage to abrasive. Can be used even if damaged, without compromise to finish quality.
  • Excellent for wet sanding.

Remove Abrasive Foam

Remove Pressure Pad

Remove Standard Pad

Remove Flex Paper

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