"The Radius 360° has sped up my sanding time by about 40%, and my work looks better. I bought one, used it, and then let my brother try it. He used it once and loved it, so I sold it to him and bought another one.  I think, all and all, the sander kicks butt."

Tim Connity, Pompano Beach, FL

"The Radius 360° Sanding Tool Is One Of the Most Versatile Drywall Tools That We Use. This is the standard tool that our 80 painters prefer over the regular pole sanders. This tool saves us time and money."

Matthew Kreger, Cityscape Painting Contractors, Inc Burnsville, MN

"We met last march at the Cleveland PRO Show hosted by Sherwin Williams. I hang and remove wallpaper and we discussed wall damage and repair. I bought one of your sanders and promised to let you know how I like it.

I just finished hanging a foil paper and your sander really helped. I needed a level 5 wall as foil mirrors (Pun intended) every imperfection on a wall. It has become an everyday tool in my kit. Thanks for getting me to give it a try."

Susan Macuna, Macuna Wallpapering

I started mudding and sanding in the early 80's. Being a young kid, my mud work was terrible, and it took forever to sand. I left the field for a few years to pursue other interests and when I came back, my mud work still needed lots of sanding. As the years went by, my mud work improved, but I found that the secret to a smooth wall was in hand sanding. As you know pole sanders flip over, damage the wall, cause irritation - so hand sanding was the only way to accomplish the kind of quality I expect from my work. With the techniques I've employed, my customers are always impressed with the outcome. I even had a man who's been building custom homes for more than 50 years, say that my work was the best he's ever seen. For me, obtaining a quality finish can sometimes be costly, as I'm not willing to take shortcuts. I spent time training others in the techniques of good mudding and sanding - and we're always looking for that "new thing" that will save time, but still give the quality finish that I require.

When I saw the Radius 360° in the tools & materials section of the February/March 2006 edition of the Fine Homebuilder magazine, I suspected you might be on to something. When I came across a large mud & sanding job in October, I knew I had to find the product to test it. After visiting your website, I was kicking myself that I hadn't thought of the product myself! I went to my local dealer to buy the answer to my prayers, and after one day, I knew they had been answered.

This is the easiest tool to use and I called the company to tell them just how great I thought it was. I've only had the tool for a few weeks, but everyone who sees it wants one. This is a must have tool for anyone who works with drywall. With the reasonable price, there's no reason that everyone can't afford to have one or two. This eliminates the excuses for sloppy drywall. Thanks Jeff and the folks at Full Circle International.

John, Renew Homes Olathe, KS