Dear Full Circle International,

We are a full service painting company that applies top quality coatings and finishes. Our desire is to supply our customers with the highest quality finishes possible. To achieve this goal, the wallboard surfaces we work with must be as smooth and blemish free as possible. Hence the need to sand walls in between coats.

Our experience with the conventional sanding pole has been disheartening. Our biggest concern with the conventional sanding pole is its tendency to "flip over" and damage the wallboard while sanding the surface.

After using the Radius 360° for the first time, we knew that we had found the right tool for the job!  Even our least experienced employee can now sand walls without creating extra work. The Radius 360° will not flip!

The fact that this tool is faster, more efficient, does not allow accumulation under the paper, will not scar an adjacent wall if bumped, and attaches to any standard extension pole is just icing on the cake!

Thanks for your hard work developing this tool.

Jon Innis , Partner - L & J Painting Cookeville, TN

"We get students in here that have never picked up a sand pole and I dare them to flip (the Radius 360°) but they can't."

Lou Ferante, Painters and Allied Trades apprentice trainer Cleveland, OH

"The conventional sand pole flips and pounds holes in a wall. The Radius 360° doesn't flip. The painters are going to love this tool for sanding between coats, because there is more coverage."

Dave Strem, Painters and Allied Trades Apprentice Trainer Muskego, WI

"The Radius 360°’s surface area and shape enable effective sanding of larger areas in less time with no flipping. The fact that it attaches to regular extension poles gives greater reach along with convenience. Thanks for such a useful product."

Alex Pamphilis, President, Alexander's Painting, Inc. Bethlehem, PA